Foster care, adoption, and identity.

This is the first weekly edition of the podcast, and I’m proud to present Michelle and her story. Take a listen, and be inspired by the lessons she’s learned, including how to love yourself.

Michelle Madrid-Branch

Michelle is an international adoptee from the UK adopted in the United States. As a little girl struggling through the foster care system, young Michelle learned early that only perfection equated safety. Thus, the perfect grades, the best job, the nicest car… all of these things began to mean survival. She rose to the top, becoming a successful broadcast news journalist and balancing a series of impressive roles. So, why did she walk away from the financial and emotional security she worked so hard to achieve? What changed, and is she happy with this decision?

Hear Michelle discover that what she was looking for had been there all along.

To see what Michelle is up to these days as a life fulfillment coach/speaker/author and advocate for women and children, check out her site:

Special thanks to my guest, Michelle Madrid-Branch, for talking openly about her story.


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